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Becqi Sherman | Photographer & Traveler

The beginning -

I have vivid memories of my first camera…a boxy Kodak with flash cubes that fired with a soft 'pop.' I loved that sound. I was hooked.

My dad, an avid photographer himself, gave me my first SLR camera…a Sears model that I used to shoot black and white film. Dad took me on as a junior photographer at our family newspaper and taught me how to compose a shot, develop film, and work in a dark room.

Dad also sent me out on newspaper photo assignments to shoot road construction, parades, and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. But when he sent me out without instructions, it was a free-for-all! I found myself capturing images of flowers, water, light, landscapes, and unusual angles. To his credit, my dad published more than one 'artistic' shot of the inside of a tire swing or cloud animals on the pages of the newspaper. Thanks Dad! 

The middle (the birth of Where's Q) -

In 2011, I formed Where's Q Travel and Photography (and now Where's Q Lifestyle). Since then, I've been blessed with two solo exhibitions at the Lakeville Area Arts Center (2012 & 2014). I've also had my work selected to appear in the Minnesota State Fair Juried Fine Arts Competition and Exhibition (2013, 2014, & 2017). I'm a four-time participant in the Saint Paul Art Crawl and was featured as a District Spotlight Winner in fall 2016. Whew!

And with the addition of travel services to Where's Q in 2015, I've also happily launched many adventurous travel clients out into the big wide world on fabulous vacations and expeditions. Oh, the stories.:)

The now -

I passionately believe that the world needs beauty; it's a big part of what Where's Q Lifestyle is all about. The beauty that permeates our friendships, grows in our travel adventures together, defines the things we love, and surrounds us everywhere we go...both near and far. Sometimes beauty is obvious and easily ignites us. Other times, beauty is something that we have to remind ourselves to intentionally seek. But it is ALWAYS there.

I hope I've captured enough beauty here to fill your eyes, hearts, and souls with abundant xoxo's.

Enjoy! ~ Becqi Sherman